Fine Art Boudoir: Intimately You Sessions

First, let’s get one thing straight. The word ‘boudoir’ at one point may have been the bane of my existence. Perhaps it’s because of it’s tacky reputation, with excessive nudity and bright, patterned lingerie wild enough to make you cringe (which is the last thing I would ever want for my brand). But, what if there was a way for me to put an artistic, authentic spin on boudoir? Where women came for a real experience and were represented in a classy, beautiful way. Where they could celebrate themselves as they are, since so many of us struggle with insecurities about our bodies.

What if boudoir was just Intimately You?

These sessions will be nothing like normal boudoir. For one, they are shot exclusively on film. This is something I’ve dreamed about for a while. Using film is a slower, more thoughtful experience. Your final images will be timeless, genuine, and beautiful. It’s something to do for yourselves, your partners (bridal boudoir hellooooooo), your children, or just for the experience.

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