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Erin & Clark: Berkeley Fieldhouse Wedding

January 21, 2015

Three years ago, in Vegas, a girl left her hotel room for some lunch. Her friend stayed behind to tell her boyfriend in Canada about all the crazy shenanigans the girls got into the night before. After about an hour, the friend got worried. She waited and waited and couldn’t get a hold of her roommate, who she thought was just grabbing a quite bite to eat.

When Erin finally returned, she had this bizarre grin on her face. She had met a guy in the café, Clark. This American boy enchanted Erin from the start, and she couldn’t stop telling her friend how sweet and funny he was. The problem was that Clark lived in LA as a television producer and she lived in Toronto. Over the next year and a half, the two became very familiar with red-eye flights from Toronto to LA and vice versa. Their love conquered the distance between them, which led them to tie the knot at Berkeley Fieldhouse in Toronto.

Their wedding, which I shot with Meghan Andrews, was simply all kinds of wonderful.

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