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“Oh you must deal with so many bridezillas.”

It’s a comment I get all the time in consultations or when I tell people I’m a wedding photographer. And they are always surprised when I respond with “Actually, not at all”.

If you’re reading this blog, or you follow me on Instagram/Twitter/Facebook, you might notice that I’m pretty transparent. I put a lot of effort into being consistent on these platforms so that my clients and future clients can get to know me, authentically, before even meeting me in person. I’m goofy and detail-oriented. I’m a foodie, a dog-lover, and my heart is full when I’m exploring new places. And my inner geek is revealed when anyone talks about musical theatre. If I’m inspired by something new, I tend to share it in one way or another. While it seems like a heck of a big commitment to keep my social media active, it has a huge impact on the kind of brides I attract. Because if you’re saying “hey, I want you to shoot my wedding” after taking a peek into my life online and reading my blog, that means you connect with me personally in some way. Since I’m not a bridezilla-type, that means my brides likely won’t be either.

What’s even cooler about that pre-booking connection is that it builds trust from the get-go. My brides see my work and trust that I’m going to represent them in an authentic, artistic way on their wedding day. So I don’t get crazy pose requests that aren’t my photographic style (remember the T-rex photo trend? Just… no) and don’t get wedding day demands. Seriously, it’s amazing.

Earlier this season I received an email from a 2015 bride. Here’s how it ended:
“You’ve done so well, its been such a pleasure to have been around for this past year watching all your changes and growth. I am so glad we came across you when we did, because watching everything you’ve done in the last year has made me even more confident, excited and priviliged to have you be there on our day!”

It’s just a short message, but oh my god did this make my day! This is my bride! One part of a duo that chose me to be a part of theirspecial, once-in-a-lifetime day. And whenever I get messages like this or thank-you gifts I’m reminded of how lucky I am to be connected to them this way. On days where I’m powering through ridiculous to-do lists, the support and excitement I see from my clients gives me the inspiration to get it all done. My clients are the first to comment on new blog posts and text me after they see their photos for the first time. They take the time to ask me for my opinion on timelines and styling. And they really do value photography, hence them hiring me in the first place.

So the answer is always, honestly, “no”. This is a bridezilla-free zone and I am so, SO grateful that I get to photograph such kind-hearted, creative, and considerate couples.

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