Why I Shoot Weddings and Love What I Do

The high-intensity wedding season makes me really appreciate time over my off season. Time to reflect, to spend with love ones, and to reaffirm my why. It sounds pretty basic, but the process of writing out why I do what I do is like charging a battery for me. And sharing this list comes from a desire to connect with likeminded brides that understand who I am as a person, not just a photographer. Maybe if you’re a photographer yourself, you might resonate with these words too.

I believe in loving wholeheartedly, unconditionally, and with abandon.

I believe in unearthing the story behind my clients. It would feel inauthentic for me to just show up on your wedding day without really knowing your “why”. Why are you committing to spend your lives together? Why does this person make you feel the way they do?

I feel fulfilled by witnessing moments of pure, unforgiving joy.

I am inspired by overflowing bouquets, delicate hand calligraphy, beautifully warm light, and lush locations.

I believe in being entirely present while shooting. I want to capture real moments that are not staged. That’s why you won’t see me pulling out shot lists during weddings (except for family formal photos of course).

I love small weddings for their romantic intimacy and large weddings for their overflowing energy.

I believe in capturing women at their most beautiful. There is something powerful about the peace a bride experiences when she sees how beautiful she looks in her images. When shooting, I am conscious about flattering angles and representing people beautifully.

I believe in connecting with other photographers and sharing resources to improve the photography and wedding industries as a whole.

I have a desire for your grandchildren to look at your images and feel just as emotionally connected to them as you are.

I believe in finding ways to make the everyday inspiring. I am inspired by little things like bright, airy home decor or reading a really thought-provoking book.

I think wedding photography is about much more than the wedding day itself. I love the entire process, from the first consultation to the engagement session to the delivery of the album. I believe each step should be thrilling and special for the couple.

I am energized by travel; meeting new people, experiencing a diversity of cultures and witnessing the natural wonders of this earth.

I love connecting with couples that have a great sense of humour and style. Those that have worked with me know that strive to make my couples as comfortable as possible in front of the camera, which regularly includes me making a goofy joke or two.

I see wedding photography as a journey, both for my couples and for myself. When a couple selects me to be a part of this day, we are bound in a moment in time. I am given the responsibility of capturing the truest examples of love and joy. Of creating an artistic representation of a day that commences the rest of their lives.

I’m not the photographer for everyone. If you merely want someone to “take some pictures” on your wedding, we probably won’t be a good fit. If you love dark, moody images, then my style just won’t suit you. And that’s okay! Every couple deserves to connect with the photographer that is going to serve them best. If any bride-to-be reads this post and identifies with this list, then there’s a really good chance that I will capture your memories in a way that compliments who you already are.

I am so excited to continue to shoot couples that fit me and I them, in this wedding season and in the many years to come.

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