Katherine & Edward • Scarborough Bluffs Engagement

Their relationship was a welcomed surprise, as they had both just come out of relationships and had never really seen each other in a romantic light. Katherine even thought that she never wanted to get married. Somehow, over a day of boarding at Blue Mountain, a switch was flipped, and they knew there was something there.

And now we’re here, just weeks away from their wedding.

They are truly a perfect fit, and it goes to show how some of the best things in life are unexpected.

On an evening this June, we had the opportunity to photograph their engagement session in Scarborough. I love the way Katherine & Ed just fit so perfectly in each others arms. The way they speak about each other and care for each other is really something special. He makes her breakfast every weekend. She takes care of him when he’s under the weather. They are really each other’s best friend.

They were such fun to shoot and just went with the flow from start to finish. I instantly could tell as soon as I began photographing them that their wedding is going to be a really incredible, unique day.

Film Lab: Photovision Prints | Contax 645 & Canon 5d Mk II | Fuji Pro 400h


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