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I've always believed images are best displayed as stories, be it on a blog or sitting around a living room with your loved ones turning the pages of an heirloom album. On this journal you'll find my latest work - love stories, timeless imagery and adventures far and wide.






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Rebecca & Joey • Eaton Hall Engagement

January 21, 2015

How they met: “We’ve been friends since kindergarten. His mom would babysit me so I could help Joey advance to the next level in Mario Bros. I showed him all the secrets in each level…and that’s the moment he fell in love with me (just kidding).

He moved from Brampton to Maple in 1995 and I moved to Maple in 1996. For years, my mother would come home after grocery shopping saying how she saw Joey’s mom at the grocery store too and that Joey lives in Maple. Years went by with us bumping into Joey’s mom, and I always thought about what Joey would look like or wondered if he was still the same Joey I knew from Kindergarten…”

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