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I've always believed images are best displayed as stories, be it on a blog or sitting around a living room with your loved ones turning the pages of an heirloom album. On this journal you'll find my latest work - love stories, timeless imagery and adventures far and wide.






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You’re engaged and you’re thinking of saying your “I do’s” in a dreamy destination. Visions of warm and vibrant Barcelona circle through your head. The food, the gothic quarter, the romance. Lovers of history and excellent tapas will find that Barcelona might be their dream wedding destination. Legally eloping in Spain in a religious or […]

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Elopements & Intimate Weddings in Barcelona, Spain

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A first look describes a time when the bride and groom see each other for the first time on their wedding day before the ceremony. They are set up somewhere private and beautiful. The bride will approach the groom from behind, tapping him on the shoulder when it’s time to turn around for the reveal. […]

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On First Looks • Advice for Brides

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I initially switched to shooting film because I recognized that the images I was most moved by and drawn to were shot by film photographers. So I picked up my first medium format camera and, after a steep learning curve, fell in love. Since film is a slower and more expensive (per frame) experience, I learned to […]

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On Imperfection and Weddings • For Brides

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