Alexandra & Hollie • Paris, France Engagement Session

March 1, 2016

Alex and Hollie currently live in London and are getting married this August in Algonquin Park. Alex is also my cousin, so it was a total win-win when I was in Paris this past September and they needed an engagement session. We spent the evening of our second night in this magical city wandering through the Trocadero and along the Seine. Shooting these beauties in the city of love was incredible. We celebrated our successful shoot with the winner of all winning dinners at Le Hide. This restaurant was up there as one of the best places in Paris! I all but needed someone to roll me back to our Airbnb. Whether it was because of the wine or the amazing food we’ll never know…

These two ladies have some of the brightest smiles ever and I can’t wait to be by their side as they tie the knot this summer! Here’s what Hollie had to say about their engagement story:

“I’d been wanting to propose to Alexandra ever since we first kissed! I’ve always felt so happy and at home with her that I knew she was who I was meant to spend forever with. I wanted the proposal to mirror that first kiss and so I waited for a sunny day (something you can wait a very long time for in the UK). On Easter Monday we had our first beautiful London day, so I packed us a picnic complete with bubbly and took Alexandra to the park where I first kissed her with her ring burning a hole in my pocket. I was so anxious about saying the right thing and making it perfect for her, but once we found our spot and I looked into her eyes I felt so incredibly happy just to be there with her, that asking her to spend forever with me felt like the most obvious thing in the world. She cried so much I had no idea whether they were happy tears or sad tears!”

From Alex: “Hollie and I met when I moved to London to complete my masters degree. We were enrolled in the same degree so we shared all of the same classes. We became very fast friends, spending not only class time together but also choosing to spend most of our out of class time together. There was something about Hollie that made me feel an instant connection and closeness to her, but it took months of inseparable friendship for our relationship to develop into more. We used to have regular picnics in some of the beautiful parks in London and on one of these sunny picnic days Hollie bravely leaned over and kissed me. It was truly like the world stopped around us that day in the park and we have been together ever since.”


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